Conscious Leadership – Do They Follow You Because They Feel Your Heartbeat or Fear Your Sword?

Conscious Leadership Scenario:

The Top Transformational leaders ask themselves this question each week, “If I was stripped of my title…” The politics of leadership – the power to punish and reward people. Would they still follow me? Would I still get results from them?

Leadership Fail:

We can become blinded by our titles, blinded to our impact and effectiveness in our role. We can become unable to see what others around us can see. They can create a hazard to our ability to see ourselves and our motives clearly.

Maintaining a grounded leadership style and best practices can become daunting at times. Our moral compass can leave those we serve and start to follow corporate earnings and climbing the corporate ladder.

Negative Affect on Culture and Organizational Performance: 

When we veer away from our heartbeat as leaders, we start to feel the grind of the job and lose focus on Encouraging, Inspiring, and Empowering others around us to Thrive. The following ensues…

1) Morale is low across the company

2) Retention of high performers is impossible

3) Revenue and growth are stagnant and start to sink

4) Stakeholders and shareholders lose confidence

5) Your team gives up on goals and milestone markers and is only working FOR you not WITH you.

Conscious Leadership Solution:

Please start to develop these quick swing thoughts when faced with leadership challenges.

  1. 1) Please, be an “Active Listener.” When you ask for buy-in, allow others to answer and provide their heartfelt responses. It may not be the response you’re looking for, but that’s fine. You gain valuable insight into them and how you may be able to help them.
  • 2) Please, start to Motivate, Empower, and Inspire others with your responses. Which example below works best?

Example A

Teresa, I appreciate you and the detailed response you provided. We are looking to achieve this goal by the end of next month. Are we setting the bar too high for your team? Help me better understand you and the challenges you face. How can I help?

Example B

Teresa, Maybe I’m not making myself clear. I will reiterate the division’s goals one more time. Teresa, please write these down, so I don’t need to repeat myself. 

  1. 3) Please start to get buy-in for ownership from your team. 
  • 4) Please build trust in your team and let them know you are willing to pitch in when needed (without judgment or shaming).
  • 5) Please let your team know that you understand that there are inherent risks. You’re willing to work through the teachable moments to ensure courage and success for your team. 

So, at Thomas & Taylor Partners, we are here to help. For us, our purpose is leadership for a better world, and we are here to help you in showing up as the leader you need to be. We are here to support you globally. We are on this journey together. This is an invitation, an invitation to join us in creating a collaborative movement: the movement that is leadership for a better world.