Conscious Leadership – Introduction

I’ve been fortunate to spend my entire career submerged in all different types of leadership… junky leadership.

I am talking and interacting with transformational leaders around the globe on a daily basis. I’ve watched leadership fail and I’ve watched leaders shine in the darkest moments. We are entering an era where the words “Conscious Leadership” are priceless and highly regarded. I feel it’s time to share my experiences with those who seek a deeper understanding of how to transform organizational cultures where everyone is Encouraged, Empowered, and Inspired to THRIVE

Just Be Kind, Just Be Kind, Just Be Kind.

Seems easy enough? Amazing how difficult this can be.

What topics will be discussed?  

Articles each Thursday will detail a specific, “leadership fail” moment. Then a depiction of how this decision negatively affected the culture and organizational performance. We’ll detail 3-4 examples of how this “leadership fail” could have been avoided with a Conscious Leadership approach. Or even better, hear from frequent guest authors on their transformational Conscious Leadership Power stories.

We are here to help. For us, our purpose is leadership for a better world, and we are here to help you in showing up as the We-Team leader you need to be. We are here to support you globally. We are on this journey together. This is an invitation, an invitation to join us in creating a collaborative movement: the movement that is leadership for a better world.


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