Conscious Leadership – Unmasking Talent

<strong>Guest Writer: John Globokar</strong>
Guest Writer: John Globokar

John Globokar is the Founder and Managing Partner at JBK International. He has over two decades of delivering best-practices in high-performance leadership within early-stage companies to the Fortune 500, through future-focused Talent Asset Management strategies.

Globokar serves as the SME Leadership Partner to Thomas & Taylor Partners, a high-end retained search firm serving global innovative technology markets. He serves as an Advisory Board Member for KPI International, a PE-backed innovative technology group focused on industry best practices and solutions.

JBK International is a high-end retained search firm singularly focused on the activation of leadership and changing how companies see talent through or suite of comprehensive leadership solutions.

Conscious Leadership Scenario:

How important is it to have a reliable way to reveal the true potential of an individual before you hire them? How important is it to reliably forecast performance and job-fit of an external candidate based on their talent set?

Senior leadership teams spanning highly innovative industry sectors have long realized the cost of a new-hire poorly aligned to the organization or position. Is hiring the wrong person preventable? What if we have the right cultural fit place in the wrong role?

Leadership Fail:

Your company or department has a vacancy. You’re conducting a search; you’ve reviewed an external candidate resume, and completed a phone interview. Now, you are ready to bring the candidate in person (or Zoom) to meet the team.

By this time, the candidate has already read the position description or briefed on the role. They have scoured your website and glassdoor to understand the core values of the organization.

The candidates’ due diligence has emboldened them to MASK his or her responses to the team’s questions based on what they think you want to hear. They want the job! Failure to unmask individuals to understand their true potential, forecast performance, and alignment to the role is an unnecessary risk and reckless gamble when hiring externally.

Negative Affect on Culture and Organizational Performance:

Positions filled by talent whose strengths and motivations are not aligned to the role, or do not align with the company culture WILL result in:

  • Poor performance & productivity
  • Eroding morale within the team and department
  • Lack of diversity in function & thought within the team
  • Loss of revenue
  • High turnover

Conscious Leadership Solution:

At JBK International, we empower and encourage our clients to focus on what we call the 3 R’s when evaluating talent: Reveal – Release – Realize

Reveal the true potential of external candidates by unmasking their strengths, hidden motivators, and core competencies, while benchmarking their talent sets against the position and cultural requirements.

Release the full talent set of the individual into a role that best aligns with their strengths, hidden motivators, and core competencies.

Realize revenue acceleration and growth when the organization builds teams comprised of diversity, talent set capitalization, and high performers who align with the culture.

We are re-engineering the way leadership evaluates talent through performance predicting analytics.

Written by: John Globokar
Published by: The Conscious Leadership Blog